How it all began...

Maido was formed by experienced and passionate people who have been servicing the Japanese food wholesale and retail industry for over 30 years. Our first mission was to bring fresh, high quality handmade sushi to the London suburban community. With an unparalleled reputation for providing the highest quality of fresh fish and dry goods products from all parts of the world, we distinguish ourselves from any other competitor as the leading supplier and retailer in the industry. Our products are sourced directly from sustainable suppliers with whom we have had close working relationships with over the course of time, and as a result we are able to be deliver exceptional quality at extremely competitive pricing.



Supported and Operated by Atari Ya Foods, our expertise in providing fresh sushi, with quality always at the forefront, our aim is to be the continued leader in product development and sustainability. Remaining a wholly owned and operated business enables us to maintain control of our exceptionally high standards.



Maido was created to address the need for a condensed retail solution, producing freshly made sushi to the consumer with uncompromising quality. Our first sushi concession was launched in October 2016 in Thornton’s Budgens Belsize Park, London where our highly skilled sushi chefs create custom, hand-made delicious food to order. in order to facilitate our growth, we are actively seeking retail partners with aspirations of improving the in-store experience for their loyal customers.


Maido Freshly-Packaged range

Maido identified the need for a superior pre-packaged sushi sold by retailers across the country. Through our diligent research and testing, we have been able to perfect the process of creating fresh sushi from our London based hub, whilst maintaining the quality we aim to deliver to our partners. With daily deliveries of best-selling Sushi Sets to retail outlets across London, we are able to enhance your product range offered no matter how large or small your offering is.